Weekend Wonders

I hate to spew the typical “back to work on Monday” cliche, but Monday’s really do kind of blow.  I try to fill up my weekends with exercise and events that keep me busy and entertained. This weekend wasn’t spectacular, but it was filled with friends and great food and drinks.

Friday night we hit the Wedge Pizzeria.  As a vegetarian, I struggle to find a pizza that actually has flavor.  Sauced on Paseo has a Spartacus that is hands down one of the best.  When I didn’t see what looked appetizing on the Wedge’s menu, I shifted over to a make-your-own and told the waiter to tell the chef to pick out five ingredients and just surprise me.

His concoction? A beautiful blend of veggies and marinara sauce that was spectacular: asparagus tips, onions, sauteed mushrooms, new potatoes, and broccoli.  Couple that with a COOP F5 and you have yourself a high calorie binge-fest of fun!


Saturday was my typical long ride out of Schlegel Bicycles.  It was 40 miles of hell.  Well, about 18 miles actually.  At that point I got so pissed off at shitty riders who didn’t know how to maintain their lane I just took off on my own and finished the last 28 solo.

That’s me in the white kit being pissed off until I bailed!

Sunday afternoon took me to Draper for a some mountain biking on a beach.  Seriously, if you’ve ridden Draper lately, it’s a sand filled beach from hell.  I really hate that because Draper has a great trail system that flows really well.


And what better way to finish off the weekend than with drinks at our favorite pub?




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