The year was 1967.  FDR was in the White House.  WWII was raging. And Prince was all the rage with the youngsters.  Wait, I might have gotten a few of those things wrong.  Oh well, that’s what I choose to believe!  Ok, here’s the real story:

I let my health get out of control for 45 years.  I was a 20 year smoker and fast food junkie.  That all changed in 2012 when I decided to get healthy.  I started exercising and changed my diet and never looked back.

I have now run 6 marathons, 10 half marathons, 2 half Ironmans, and countless other races.  I’m an avid cyclist, both road and trail.  Life is better at “approaching 50” than it was at 25.

< Then…….and now>


  • Left-handed
  • Worked at the Pentagon for 3 years
  • Lived on four continents
  • Addicted to sudoku
  • Lives on coffee
  • Owns a bike named Caitlyn the Black Beauty
  • Likes dogs; hate cats
  • Kentucky bourbon and IPAs

❤ sean